Integration statictics dashboard

UX Designer • UR / UX / UI • 2016

The project

Whilst redesigning the integration process we noticed a lack of internal metrics within the process. This created the following three problems for the company:

  1. It was hard to accurately plan when recurring revenue from the client would enter the company, evaluate budgets and set financial goals.
  2. Project owners had little knowledge concerning how long their products would take to integrate and how to reduce this time.
  3. Customer service managers had to consult a number of spreadsheets in order to distribute new integration products evenly amongst project managers, causing delays, confusion and unequal work load.

Project goals

  1. Provide upper management with knowledge of how much revenue would be entering the company and when for each month.
  2. Provide project owners with an understanding of how to make their integration process quicker.
  3. Provide customer service managers with a clear distribution of their project managers’ workloads.


I believed it important to invest time and effort in developing personas in order for the design and development teams to better understand the individual requirements of the four different types of users involved. This would allow the whole team (design and development) to have an clearer understanding of the target users needs and could design and implement solutions accordingly.

User personas for the project


We undertook brainstorming sessions with upper management, directors, the integration team and the product owners, generated ideas regarding what metrics needed to be shown on the dashboard, and ensured that we had the information needed to create such metrics.

Card sorting exercises were then undertaken to better understand how to organise the metrics on the interface to the best effect.

Card sorting results

Cardsorting results

Designing the UI



Overview screen

Our aim for the overview screen was to give project managers, customer service managers and directors a snapshot of the active integrations, how the teams are progressing in relation to their goals and how much revenue is being generated.


Taskbreak down

The task breakdown screen shows product owners the tasks which take the most time to complete and those which generate the most errors. This information can be shown for all products and can be filtered for each product, benefitting both customer service managers and product owners.


Integration breakdown

This screen solved the problems of work distribution experienced by customer service managers by showing how many integration projects each technical account manager is co-ordinating.